Happiness is a subject that has been worrying and occupying the human being from its origins, from classical philosophers, to great scientists and thinkers, to politicians and social movements in all corners of the world that, in one way or another, promise it in their ideals.
Even modern advertising has a clear objective: to sell small doses of happiness associated with the purchase of a product or service. A longing, to achieve happiness, which continues to fill the queries of psychologists and psychiatrists and bookstore shelves.
Such is the obsession that modern society has for the pursuit of happiness that has come to auction a note by the brilliant Einstein, written on a sheet of paper with the letterhead of a hotel in Tokyo in November 1922, for 1.3 million euros In the modest role of his theory of happiness, which is no other than saying that “a quiet and modest life brings more joy than a search for success linked to a constant discontent.”
But what is the secret of human happiness? For Pope Francis “having a place to go is called home. Having people to love is called a family, and having both is a blessing. ” A blessing that, for many, is very similar to happiness on earth. But like everything that is worthwhile in life, achieving happiness requires effort. And we can not make deaf ears waiting for it to appear before our eyes as if it were a magic trick. Because the magic of happiness is only achieved with effort. Take care of your family, your friends and create a home, and life itself will do the magic with your effort and your love.