Being a father is one of the most wonderful privileges that life offers you. Also one of the most important challenges. Such is the importance of being a father who has a day of his own in the calendar of many countries: March 19, internationally recognized date as father’s day and in which the figure and the important role of St. Joseph is honored , father of Jesus Christ.

The role of the father is fundamental for the education and well-being of the children. But, how do you want your children to remember you? Would you like that when they think of you in a few years they associate you with values ​​such as integrity, courage, justice and true love? And that they feel happy and full of security and confidence to transmit those same values ​​to their own children?

Keys to exceptional fatherhood

But what are the ingredients that make parents exceptional parents? No one disputes that love is the most important thing, but it is not enough. Exceptional parents must also be leaders in prayer – they must pray and teach their children to pray – they must set limits with respect, exercise their authority with affection, know how to say “no” in time … And that from the first day of your child’s life. Undoubtedly, something difficult that requires affection, effort, sacrifice and perseverance. And is that love is measured by the ability to suffer for the loved ones.

Love and capacity for suffering

He goes to the intercession of Saint Joseph, father of Jesus and husband of Mary, and seeks always to be an exemplary father. Always remember how St. Joseph was willing to suffer for those he loved. And not only once, but many times. The Bible tells us situations full of sacrifice and supernatural vision, such as the pregnancy of Mary, the trip to Bethlehem and the birth of her son in a manger, the prophecy of Simeon, the persecution Herod … In all these difficult times, Saint Joseph suffered bravely in silence and offered this sacrifice to God.