The poet William Drennan named Ireland as the Emerald Isle in the XVIII. Since then, visitors from the five continents have not stopped reaffirming it. Ireland can boast of a unique legacy, since Viking and Gaelic blood runs through its veins, which are the keys to its distinctive personality. If this were not enough, it has two hearts that share the beauty of impressive cliffs, legendary castles, endless coasts and idyllic landscapes of intense greenery; without forgetting its urban face, which has vibrant towns and important cities, such as Dublin and Belfast. Separated by the colours of a flag, both sides struggle to overcome their differences and share an important value: the ever-present kindness of the Irish. Soak up the atmosphere in one of the thousands of pubs, and taste the local beer. How long will it be before you start chatting with a local? We guarantee you’ll be chatting before your second pint!


It is interesting that Ireland, a country of small population – now 4.7 million in the Republic of Ireland – has given the world such a large volume of notable writers, as avid readers may well have recognized. James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, Bernard Shaw and Jonathan Swift are just some of the great writers that were inspired by these unique landscapes. Take a paper and pen and who knows … Maybe the muses will also inspire you during your trip to the Emerald Isle.


You do not have to worry, since it is a very safe country and you do not need any specific vaccinations. The country is perfectly equipped with pharmacies and health centres. As always, if you want to travel with piece of  mind, you can purchase insurance. As citizens of the EU, with the European Health Card obtained in your country of origin, you will always be taken care of in case of need. If you have to pay for any medical treatment in advance, keep all original documentation and invoices for reimbursement. If you have to go to the hospital, always bring your passport, the European Health Insurance Card (TSE) and credit cards. For more information, contact Social Security or private health insurance in your country of origin.