Irish cuisine was affected by the socio-political conditions of the country after the English conquest and the potato became a staple food before the great famine of the nineteenth century. Today, the traditional cuisine, inspired by crops and animals of the country, continues to be present on all the tables in Ireland. Some of the dishes that can be tasted throughout the island are: ” Beef and Guinness Stew “, a delicious stew of veal in which they add the famous local beer; ” Bacon and cabbage, ” a dish based on bacon, smoked bacon, cabbage and cooked potatoes; ” Seafood Chowder “, a delicious fish soup; ” Boxty “, a kind of northern potato cake; and ” Sunday Roast”, A roast of meat with vegetables so called by the custom of eating it on Sunday. In relation to drinks, in addition to the well-known beer, Ireland has a good number of soft and smoked national whiskeys. Tempting, right?
The traditional cuisine can be enjoyed at home, in the multitude of pubs and restaurants or through the numerous fairs and festivals that congregate locals and visitors such as the Taste of Dublin, the Taste of West Cork Food Festival or the Kinsale Gourmet Festival, among others.