The World Meeting Families is an international meeting convened by the Pontifical Council for the Family every 3 years and celebrated in different locations around the world. This International Meeting seeks to discuss and deepen the Catholic vision of the family and its important role in today’s society. The meeting will take place, and with a possible visit from Pope Francis, from 21 to 26 August 2018 in the city of Dublin, Ireland. The World Meeting of Families is a unique and transforming opportunity to live your faith in a festive and cosmopolitan atmosphere. It was in 1992, when Pope John Paul II founded these meetings proclaiming that “in the family the future of humanity is forged.”

“”In the family, the future of humanity is forged”:
Saint John Paul II

So far, these multitudinous meetings have been held in Valencia (2006), Mexico City (2009), Milan (2012), Philadelphia (2015) and Dublin (2018). If you are interested in attending, you can contact us and request information at the following email: communication@lovingireland.com