Chapter 7: “Strengthening the education of children”

Parents always influence the moral development of their children, for better or worse. Therefore, it is most appropriate for them to accept this unavoidable function and to do so consciously, enthusiastically, reasonably, and appropriately. It is a mission that cannot be delegated and must be rescued.

Chapter 8: “Accompanying, discerning and integrating fragility”

Although the Church understands that any breach of the marriage bond goes against God’s will, it is also aware of the fragility of many of His children. This chapter guides us to have a look of love and an attitude of pastoral mercy with these complex situations in the married life.

Chapter 9: “Conjugal and Family Spirituality”

The spirituality of family love is made up of thousands of real and concrete gestures. In that variety of gifts and encounters that mature communion, God has his abode. That commitment associates both human and divine because it is full of the love of God. In short, marital spirituality is a spirituality of the bond inhabited by divine love.

This is the prayer to the Holy Family with which the pope ends his exhortation  Amoris laetitia  on the family.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, in you we contemplate the splendour of true love,
to you, entrusted, we go.
Holy Family of Nazareth, also make of our families a
place of communion and a cenacle of prayer,
authentic schools of the Gospel
and small domestic churches.
Holy Family of Nazareth, that there is never any more in the families
episodes of violence, closure and division;
that whoever has been injured or scandalized
is soon comforted and healed.
Holy Family of Nazareth, make everyone aware
of the sacred and inviolable character of the family,
of their beauty in the project of God.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
listen, welcome our supplication. Amen”